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. 7 Surefire Stress - Busters – Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D. What you think about consistently brings more of the same . Today I wanted to focus on emotional eating. Stress is like dark chocolate. When: Monday May 6 from 11:30-2:30. I think something different comes to mind for everyone when they think about emotional eating. Almost done my friend ;s book , The Prodigal. . Filed under: Books . 12, 2012 at 7 :12 AM ET. . . September 2011 7 | Pop a piece of gum. Stress Busters Stress Busters: A Listmania! list by Tina Burgess. 7 . No matter how many breaks I take during the day while still seated in my chair, my ass growing numb while I scour blogs, it never feels as good and refreshing as reading a book , taking a walk, or otherwise unplugging. DOWNLOADS BOOK . Take a walk Fifty-Seven Stress Busters | Guiding Along, Inc. TRY AT LEAST ONE STRESS REDUCER A DAY FROM THE FOLLOWING LIST.. Just make sure you ;re getting plenty of things to giggle about in your life. Everyone eats . 7 Stress Busters : Soothing Foods And Calming Scents . Be thankful—and reap the health benefits.

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