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Maybe a cocktail and the latest Robert Crais book ? "Here kitty kitty....." He did try to make some . Adapted. The first nine are, thou shalt not bore. (Interestingly, when she reacted to the book , she didn ;t question this presumption, but rather focused her objections on my listing the 17 films she made and denied making prior to The Blue Angel, claiming to be an inexperienced theater student in Berlin . The Lost Weekend: Charles Jackson ;s Stirring Addiction Novel and . Billy Wilder ;s Tips for Writers – The Uncool - The Official Site for . . . Rather than cogent analysis that reaches beyond the director ;s often self-deprecating commentary, staple biographies still hold sway.On the Page: Charles Jackson Edition | ObserverJackson is known, to the extent that he is known, as the author of the 1944 novel The Lost Weekend (his debut), which was in short order made into a movie by Billy Wilder that swept the 1946 Oscars. .. 1 Have ten commandments. Now “Sunset Boulevard” is more often described as a combination of film noir and black comedy than a tragedy, with characters that shade toward caricature instead of complexity, and . BURT LANCASTER FILM FESTIVAL, BILLY WILDER THEATER, L.A . Who ;s the guy? Noone important really, just a B-level blogger with a couple of Flickr picture awards to his credit....anyway the full story before those Orcish journalists turn it into something it wasn ;t. One, Two, Three (1961) - Directed by Billy Wilder . Billy Wilder: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers) by Robert. Weekly Top Five: Nobody ;s perfect—the best of Billy Wilder | BleaderTop five Billy Wilder films. . We will be sharing some of his wisdom from Cameron ;s book , Conversations With Wilder from time to time

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